Innovative CAD Technologies brought together some of the industry’s brightest, most experienced and most enthusiastic artists and technicians available in the CAD/CAM industry. With years of jewelry experience under their belts and all having been involved with CAD technology and prototyping since it’s inception, our company can offer new levels of quality and service to our clientele. It is our goal to provide our customer’s with an overwhelmingly positive CAD/CAM experience that is efficient and as easy as sending an email.

The company was formally created in January of 2007. The 3000 square foot premises was custom built as a state of the art facility with attention to every detail of both utility and employee comfort. We were able to put together an array of equipment that is still years beyond many of the other businesses within the industry.

Our philosophy of building strong intercompany relationships with our clients has been the mantra of every employee at Innovative CAD. It is this business belief that has created such strong bonds and has led to our growth within the CAD/CAM community.

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