Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year

It seems every year is passing quicker and quicker. 2010 is coming to a close in just a few days and what a year it has been! Though a difficult year worldwide, there are many positive aspects that we can focus on to enable us to thrive and grow in the upcoming year. Those companies or individuals that perseverate on the negative experiences of 2010 are, unfortunately, positioning themselves for another year of struggle.

Basketball coaching legend, John Wooden once said: “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do!” 2011 is the year that we all “CAN DO.” In the new reality of today, much of what life offers is something that we cannot control. We must, however, never let that fact deter us from making the most of every opportunity that does present itself. We must learn to focus on what actions we need to pursue in order to take advantage of life, present and future. We cannot dwell on the past difficulties and simply wait for conditions to improve.

At Innovative CAD Technologies, we have worked very hard throughout the year at maintaining relationships and building new ones. Our mantra had always been to focus our efforts on creating strong bonds with our clients, looking at the bigger picture and how our efforts can make a difference in another person’s life. Through the medium of Custom Designed Jewelry, we can confidently say that we have met this goal and, in most cases, exceeded our client’s expectations.

2010 was also a year of learning for our company. We are becoming fully engaged in the social media to help educate the consumers on the value of Custom Design, the awesome power of personal creative expression, and the ease of the process. Our totally revised website has received incredible positive feedback and we are very proud of what we created. In addition, it has been a truly rewarding activity to start spreading the benefits of Custom Design through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Creating interesting and informative blogs have given us the opportunity to offer our perspective of the industry and perhaps assist retailers as well as consumers on the beauty of Custom Design.

So what is ahead for us in the upcoming year? We are working daily at creating a new and exciting business model that will be unveiled in the first quarter of 2011. Our efforts will ultimately result in a completely revamped and restructured Innovative CAD Technologies. While we are not ready for the “big announcement” yet, I certainly hope you keep tuned to our social media channels for timely updates and clues to the unveiling. 2011 will be the breakout year for our company and we will definitely be making a difference in our client’s lives. Our resolve is steady and our outlook extremely positive. Always keep in mind the words of the Yankee great, Yogi Berra. He said: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else.” At Innovative CAD Technologies, we know where we’re going and we know that we are going to be there!

At this time, I would like to thank all our past clients, fans and followers and wish each and everyone a very Happy Holiday and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

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