True Custom Jewelry Design

Today’s incredible rendering software creates excitement within a client when they see their custom design for the first time. It never fails; customers believe that they are viewing a photograph of a finished item, only to discover that it is an attractive virtual creation. Besides the obvious “WOW” factor that showing a series of renderings brings to your customers, you can also utilize your catalog of renderings as a tool to help get the word out that your store is an expert in Custom Design


This simple concept can provide your store a tremendous competitive advantage over competitors. Many CAD service bureaus take extra time and effort to create a series of beautiful 3D photo-realistic renderings for the jeweler and the client to review prior to the actual prototyping of the physical model. Since most renderings can be attached as an easy to open .jpg format, the result is a simple process showing a model to the client. There are many inexpensive, “photo only” printers which produce eye-catching pictures on 4 X 6 glossy paper and others which print in larger sizes as well.


Why not utilize each rendering series to provide a simple, yet elegant, presentation album gift for your client when they arrive to pick up a finished piece? With the use of a picture editing software, such as Photoshop, you can also enhance any rendering by adding your store logo to each image.


True Custom Jewelry Design


What does offering a complimentary package like the “Designed Just For You” album say about your business and its relationship with your customers? It certainly shows how proud you are to present beautiful custom jewelry along with a small token of appreciation. This, in turn, creates a scenario in which the already ecstatic customer proudly displays their album to family, friends, coworkers, etc. Having your store logo on the album cover and each printed rendering will result in unparalleled “word of mouth” endorsements which have great potential impact on prospective new clientele.


A quality CAD service bureau puts in the effort to create a series of renderings that is worthy of inclusion into a gift album. They should include several “glory” shots along with views from different reference points. The latest version of rendering software has many choices of resolution, quality and lighting conditions, as well as different props that help enhance the result of the rendering. If your current service provider is not taking the time to provide your store with this incredibly useful sales tool, you must insist that they do.


In addition to providing the album for your client, you should proudly display a rendering each of the designs created by your store on a wall or other area within your Custom Design Center. This will create a library of custom designs that customers can readily view. Use your imagination when creating your custom design renderings wall or area as it will become a focal point within your store. Utilizing high quality renderings in this manner will bring additional interest to clients who are “just browsing,” as well as those waiting for repairs. There is nothing more interesting to clients than seeing how Custom Design can work for them. Building a story board with your renderings in conjunction with the use of “Designed Just For You” albums will help your custom design business to flourish and increase your profits, customer base and overall reputation as “the place for custom design.”


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