True Custom Jewelry Design

Today, you need to utilize every tool in your arsenal in order to nourish profitability. One of the most important industry tools with the greatest potential for success is Custom Jewelry Design. I will continue to pound away at the positive benefits of custom jewelry design because there is no better option to increasing sales, profits, customer base and prestige within your market area.


According to industry analysts, custom design and bridal are the top two categories within the jewelry industry in 2010. Therefore, custom bridal jewelry is likely to be at the top of the list of all classes of jewelry sales.

Let’s breakdown some of the most important positive results that custom jewelry design can bring to your store.

  • Customer loyalty
  • Increased profit margins without the cost of inventory
  • Greater consumer recognition as being the place for custom jewelry
  • Free word of mouth advertising
  • Improved reputation within your community

While reading an article in a jewelry publication, I came across an interesting statistic that is extremely significant to this month’s topic. Did you know that if a store treats a customer well, there is a 26% chance of that customer returning? The remarkable fact is that there is an 80% chance of a custom returning if the store exceeds the client’s expectations. This is a staggering statistic! When working as a team with a professional CAD/CAM service bureau and taking the time and effort to involve your client in the design process, how could you not exceed their expectations? This is a very considerable benefit of custom jewelry design.

Increasing profit margins is always a primary goal of business, of course. When working with custom jewelry design, there can be no direct price comparison shopping. Mass merchandising outlets and online jewelry megastores do not offer the level of customization that a retail jeweler can produce, nor can they offer the personal touch of the face-to-face experience that is necessary to exceed a client’s expectations. In the sales arena, this experience is a key factor that stores can benefit from when competing with the overseas, price only, mass merchandise sector of our industry.

You have heard my concept of creating a “CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGN CENTER” in a prominently visible portion of your store several times. It is of vital importance to start building your center by utilizing props of past custom models and posting a “wall” of custom renderings for clients to browse while they are “just looking” or awaiting a repair. The more substance you put into your Custom Jewelry Design Center, the greater the potential to have your store recognized as the place for custom jewelry.

A client whose expectations have been exceeded will return again and again for their jewelry needs. They will gladly provide the word of mouth advertising that is essential in expanding your clientele base. Provide each Custom Jewelry Design client with an album of photorealistic renderings that tells the story of their design, from conception to perfection. Place your store logo on each page and watch how the word will spread that your store is a Custom Jewelry Design expert. A client who is more than satisfied will eagerly show the story of their design to family members, friends, co-workers, etc. This sort of personal recommendation is invaluable.

True Custom Jewelry Design


All these benefits will increase your bottom line as well as your reputation within your retail community. Once the word is out that your store has a Custom Jewelry Design Center, it will be at the top of the list for clients, organizations, institutions and other businesses that might think of having a custom design piece created for themselves, as a gift or as logo or emblem jewelry. The potential is enormous and being an expert in custom design will bring you increased potential for new and expanded markets.

Working with an experienced and highly qualified CAD/CAM service bureau has become easier than ever. Prompt response time places profits into your store quickly and efficiently. With today’s level of technology, it is unnecessary to provide a service bureau with overly detailed sketches or mechanical drawings. A quick sketch and a simple array of important information transmitted via email or fax will get the process moving ahead. Without going into a lot of detail, a retailer needs only to supply the required information such as finger size, any dimensional preferences (shank thickness, bracelet width, etc.,) metal type and stone information. It is unnecessary to worry about prong thicknesses, shank dimensions, or other details since a qualified CAD service bureau knows from years of experience which elements are necessary, visually pleasing and structurally sound. Any additional relevant information that is not provided will be discussed before a project moves forward.

To sum up, Custom Jewelry Design is a win-win situation for both the retailer and the consumer. The retailer needs no investment in advance and has a tremendous opportunity to increase their profits, reputation and standing within the community. The consumer receives a “one of a kind” item for which they personally played an important role in the design process.

Next month, we will expand on the “CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGN CENTER” and how it can help get the message out to your customers and equally important potential customers. Process is quite simple, but a few suggestions can streamline the procedures and make it easier to communicate the client’s preferences.

Also, check out our totally revamped website: We are very proud of the new look and will be periodically updating our site to keep it fresh and informative.

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