Expanding your custom jewelry design profile


Here we are already, past the midpoint of 2010. At Innovative CAD Technologies, we just returned from our annual “recharging” (commonly called a vacation!). Here in the Northeast, the weather has been extremely hot and that leads me into this month’s topic. CAD/CAM and Custom Design are the hottest topics of discussion recently.

It seems that many of the major trade publications are continuing to talk about the importance and excitement of Custom Design in today’s jewelry industry. As with last month’s newsletter, I must admit that there is a feeling of great satisfaction to see our ideas on the importance of Custom Jewelry Design being validated by industry experts. CAD/CAM is leading that movement and it is important to get up and running by putting more and more emphasis upon creating one of a kind jewelry for your clients.


The concept of creating a Custom Jewelry Design Center is simple and quite effective. When Innovative CAD announced the “CAPS Program” (Creative Alliances Promoting Success), we envisioned the Custom Jewelry Design Centers prominently placed in every store that caters to discriminating clientele. It is our goal to help such retailers create these centers by offering digital media that will tell the custom design story to customers while they browse in the store or window shop. We have many new and innovative ideas for this digital media. When you contact us, we can discuss your individual specifics and how we would become an extension of your business and help your store increase profits by getting on the custom band wagon.

Each month, we will discuss some of the important and unique advantages that Custom Jewelry Design offers to the retailer. This newsletter will be devoted to the importance of creating strong, personal relationships between store and client. With the high level of competition from online or mass merchandising outlets, how can a store minimize the potential harm that arises from savvy price shoppers? The answer is simple: Give the customer something that the price oriented marketers cannot give! Personalized relationships.

By focusing on creating the one of a kind, future heirloom item and by involving the clientele into the exciting creation process, the retailer is assured of developing the close and personal relationship that was so common in the past, but seems to have been temporarily lost.What does the building of bonds between store and customer bring to the equation? It brings all the positive elements of business and quite a few outside perks such as:

  • Greater profit margins possible, in part, due to the inability for consumers to price compare items
  • Precious word of mouth advertising which has almost immeasurable benefits
  • Customer loyalty which will pass on from one generation to the next and amongst social groups
  • Increase visibility and stature within the local business community
  • Ability to decrease acidic inventory levels

The list can continue on but the reality is that, over the past decade, too many jewelers tried to compete on price oriented marketing only. This has lead to huge overstocked and outdated inventory that eats away at the overall profitability of the business. Inevitably, the mood of many businesses changed and relationship building began to suffer. We desperately need to regain the neighborhood jeweler concept once again to build the trust and sense of friendship that existed in the past. An added bonus, to the reality of today’s community, are the mobility of the neighbors themselves. The traditional neighborhood has expanded exponentially and therefore the chance of building a stellar reputation amongst the extended population is greatly enhanced. How you tap into this great potential is easier than you might perceive.

Through a little in store marketing, you can deliver the message that you are a CUSTOM JEWELRY DESIGN expert. With the addition of well place signage, simple props and perhaps a flat screen monitor or digital picture frame you can let your clients know that you offer genuine, full scale customization and will work with them in this new and exciting arena to make them something totally unique and expressly created to their preferences. After all, if they help design it, how can they not love it? Today, more than ever, the message should be that Custom Design is not only for the rich and famous. With the incredible development of the new technologies, Custom Design is within reach of any consumer.

CAD/CAM is the tool to effortless attain these desired changes. For those retailers proficient at CAD technology, showcase your talent. For those not CAD proficient, there really is no need to purchase high priced software and spend so many difficult months working just to be reasonably proficient. Your CAD/CAM service bureau is only an email, phone call or fax away from handling all the technical aspects of the process. The retailer can focus on what is important, the sale and the building of the long term relationship that will ensure future growth.

In next month’s newsletter, we will focus on the differences between true customization, customized jewelry and companies which claim to offer clients a custom choice but, in reality, no custom work is involved. We will also talk about the importance of being PROACTIVE AND NOT REACTIVE in today’s economy.

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter. It’s great to get away for a vacation, but it’s greater getting back in the swing!



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