How can you compete with the abundance of overseas, mass produced merchandise? How can you increase sales, profit and customer lists without expending huge outlays for expensive advertisement campaigns? The question you should ask: What separates the ordinary from the extraordinary?

In our industry, the answer has always been to foster long term relationships through integrity, value and service. Online competitors cannot offer the personalized service that today’s consumer is once again looking for. Mass merchandising houses do not have the staff to provide the expertise required to nurture and develop long lasting rapports with their clientele. The answer is to differentiate your store from the competition by offering true custom design.

There’s a big difference between customizing what is already available or offering custom design. There is a simple and inexpensive way to advertise your ability to create totally unique, one of a kind jewelry which will, in turn, create a lasting bond with the customer that will lead to increased visibility through glowing “word of mouth” endorsements. Create a CUSTOM DESIGN CENTER.


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